A Crazy Quest For Sanity

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Meet the Characters

Anna: A bright, well educated secretary who falls in love with an adventurous man.

The Story
“Rocks In My Pockets” is a story of mystery and redemption. The film is based on true events involving the women of my family, including myself, and our battles with madness. It raises questions of how much family genetics determine who we are and if it is possible to outsmart one’s own DNA. The film is packed with visual metaphors, surreal images and my twisted sense of humor. It is an animated tale full of art, women, strange daring stories, Latvian accents, history, nature, adventure and more.

Why Animation
I think in surreal images that move and animation is the only medium that can fully express my mind. Some people mistakenly assume that animation is just for children. But animation can be a medium of very sophisticated storytelling. It is able to depict what no one can see — the utmost inner feelings and thoughts. It can deal with abstractions of problems in a way that a camera cannot. It can juxtapose inner worlds with the outside Universe and tie them all into comprehensive narratives. Animation can bring humor and visual metaphor to storytelling. Walt Disney himself proclaimed that, “animation can explain whatever the mind of man can conceive.”

“We’re confronted with such massive, serious problems as a society, on a world level, that animation as a medium of communication can deal with the abstractions of these problems that a camera can’t.”
–John Hubley

“Animation is arguably the most important creative form of the 21st century... it is the omnipresent pictorial form of the modern era.”
–Paul Wells

“Animation film visualizes the invisible. The creative imagination gives life to the abstract and the amorphous.”
–Veronique Steeno

“Well, luckily with animation, fantasy is your friend.”
–Steven Spielberg

“What’s most important in animation is the emotions and the ideas being portrayed. I’m a great believer of energy and emotion.”
–Ralph Bakshi

“For me, part of the fascination with making animation is you go to a place; it’s a complete immersion in someone else’s fantasy.”
–Chris Wedge

“I’m a huge fan of animation, and just the arts in general - anything that emanates from someone’s mind and soul and is capable of touching other people’s minds and souls.”
–Charles Fleischer

Why Depression
The idea for “Rocks In My Pockets’ came from my stream of consciousness. Like most people I think about a wide variety of things, some fantastical, some mundane, but my mind keeps coming back to thoughts of “ending it all” and the ways I could go about doing it. Why? Why do I think this way? And why I am still alive despite such thoughts? I find the fragility of our minds fascinating. Life is strange, unpredictable, sometimes absurd and I try to see the humor in it all.

The film was made possible with the support of Women Make Movies, New York State Council on the Arts, The Jerome Foundation and our 800 Kickstarter backers. THANK YOU!