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Welcome to the “Rocks In My Pockets”
Community of Affiliates!
YOU can now be part of the film’s distribution team!
“Rocks In My Pockets” has partnered with YEKRA, a new kind of online distribution company. It works on a community-building principle and gives power to people (YOU!) to bring important and exciting films to their communities.

Through YEKRA's AffiliateConnect technology, anyone with an online presence — be it Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, a website, blog, or simply email — can participate. As an Affiliate you can share “Rocks In My Pockets” with your friends and community and receive a 10% commission on all streaming, download and DVD sales that come through you.
It is easy to join:
1.) Click on the “Sign Up Now” button below and fill out the enrollment form.

2.) Once you are signed up, the YEKRA team will send you a welcome kit and your login information for AffiliateConnect. You will be given access to a variety of widgets, the simplest of them is a personalized link to the film that you can email. With any one of these widgets you can start to share “Rocks In My Pockets.” Each widget is unique to your account. No matter where they go online, whether they’re shared, forwarded, or re-shared, YEKRA will track the activity and credit you with every sale.

3.) Start sharing “Rocks In My Pockets”! Each month the YEKRA AffilateConnect Program will deposit your commissions into your PayPal account — easy to set up if you don't already have one.
Still have questions?
Contact the YEKRA support team at: affiliatesupport@yekra.com.